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A New Kind of Personal Injury Law Firm. Lawyers Focused On You.

Personal injury law isn’t always focused on the person. But we feel it should be. We’ve set up our firm to do things differently. We’ve set up a firm where you and your case are the center of everything we do.

If you’ve been hurt in Indiana, you need a lawyer who cares about more than their payday. You deserve an advocate determined to get you justice.


You deserve openness. We use technology and consistent communication so you are always in the know.


You deserve the truth. We’ll be upfront about what is possible, what isn’t, and what is your best course of action.


You deserve an advocate. We are in your corner because we believe in what we do, and believe in getting you justice.


You deserve deliberateness. We use cutting-edge technology to help make decisions and increase our odds.


You deserve your life back. We’ll give you all the information and guidance to make the choices that are best for you.


We win for plaintiffs because we only focus on plaintiffs. We’re experienced experts in helping people win.
Amy Davis

“Get Justice.
Move forward and reclaim your future.”

“If your life has been turned upside down, you need someone on your side. It’s my passion to stand up for people against powerful insurance companies. It’s my goal to get you justice.“

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Let’s Talk About Your Case

No one can do it alone. We’re going to give you the power to get justice and get what you deserve. Let’s get started.

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The Process: How We Win Together

We can’t make decisions for you. But unlike most personal injury lawyers in Indiana, we’ll give you unbiased advice about what your best choices are, and the information you need to make the best decisions. We are only concerned with what’s best for you. That starts with a conversation.

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Determine If You Have a Case

Cases aren’t easy, and I don’t want to put you through the litigation process if you don’t have a chance to succeed.


This is where we secure all evidence needed to pursue our case, including medical records and bills, and line up experts and investigator who will help us win.


We’re going to make sure you are prepared for every step, including depositions, mediation, and trial. Your team is with you the whole process.

Make the Claim

We’ll make every effort to settle the claim without a lawsuit. If that’s not possible, we’ll will file the claim and get the litigation process started.

Resolution of the Case

Settlement. Trial. What comes after. No matter what happens, we assist you in making sure that liens are addressed and you can handle the settlement you’ve earned.

Your Legal Resources

Knowledge is your power.

Let’s Get Your Justice. Let’s Get What You Deserve.

If you have a case, you’ve got a personal injury lawyer who will fight for you. Let’s talk about what comes next.

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