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Work together. Win Together.

We Specialize in Justice. We Specialize in You.

At Broadwing, you’ll walk side-by-side with honest, committed attorneys who have an unwavering commitment to justice in Indianapolis. From consultation to victory, you’ll have the access, education, and resources you need to face injustice head-on without flinching. You’ll be empowered. You’ll never feel alone.


We specialize in keeping a line of communication open, so our clients feel seen, heard, and have a clear understanding of the fight we’re up against.


We specialize in specific areas of medicine. Our medical malpractice attorneys dominate the laws of Indiana by being the best in their niche.

Specializing In You

We specialize in you. We’ve only represented the plaintiff because we prioritize being on the right side of justice.

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“We go the extra mile, so you never walk alone.

Relentless. That’s how we feel about your case. When we take on a case with you, we work with you, from the beginning to the end, so that you can get justice and get back some of what you’ve lost.”

Your Journey to Justice

Life can change in an instant. But getting justice can take years. That’s why you want a team with you from the moment you pick up the phone to well after the case is settled. We’re not just your lawyer. We’re your partner on a journey toward justice.

Prepare For Justice

We’ll work together to gather the evidence, identify any obstacles, and chart the course of action to position us for victory.

Build Your Team

From experts on our staff to a network of trusted resources, we make every effort to build a team dedicated to you.

Seal the Win

If we can’t reach a settlement, we’re prepared to support our claim in the court of law. We will do what it takes, every time.

Reclaim Your Future

Victory isn’t over once the gavel drops. We’re there to walk you through the next steps once a settlement or verdict is reached.

Ready To Reclaim Your Future?

Something was taken from you. We might not be able to get everything back, but we will fight to get you justice and help you move toward the future you deserve.

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