How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for a Car Accident?

If you are looking for a car accident attorney, then you have likely gone through a traumatic experience. The last thing you need is to have  a hard time finding someone who can help you understand this situation. Searching broadly for a car accident lawyer may not yield the best results. You may have found yourself searching “car accident lawyer near me” in hopes of finding  the best lawyer who understands the area in which your accident occurred. 

How Much Does a Lawyer Charge for a Car Accident?

Once you decide to move forward with the lawyer of your choice, you should get a complete picture of how the attorney fees will break down for your case. It is common practice for lawyers to work on a contingency fee. A contingency fee means that the lawyer will take a certain percentage of the amount recovered on your behalf.  These types of fees are widespread in personal injury cases. A typical follow-up question is then, “what percentage do lawyers take from settlements?” A successful lawyer is awarded between 20% and 50% of the recovery amount in these cases. You and your lawyer will decide the set percentage.

It is helpful to know that these fees are not the only way your settlement amount can decrease. You may be asking, “what are some other typical attorney fees for personal injury?” There are other expenses that many may not think to consider when they start on their case. Court filings, obtaining relevant documents, and the testimony of an expert are all examples of possible expenses that your case could involve. The silver lining is that a quality lawyer will openly disclose all of the potential fees and costs that may be associated with your case. In the end, this is your case and your one shot at getting a recovery for your harms and losses. While the lawyer is the expert on the law, you need to be actively involved in the conversation and decide  whether taking your case to trial or working to get a settlement is the best for you. At Broadwing, we believe that no one should be drained financially while they pursue justice. That is why we work at a flat 32% contingency fee. 

Should I Get a Lawyer for a Minor Car Accident?

If you are involved in a car accident where there was minimal damage, then you might be wondering if it is worth it to go through all of the trouble of finding a car accident lawyer. A best practice would be if you are thinking about getting a car accident lawyer, then reaching out to get some standard information from them would be a worthwhile decision. One thing to note about car accidents is that one that appears minor can actually be a major one once you realize medical bills, lost wages, and car repairs start to pile up. To get a better picture, call for a free consultation with a car accident lawyer as soon as you can after an accident. 

When you are involved in an accident that may have seemed minor to you at first glance, once you talk with a lawyer, you could find out that you are entitled to money for your harms and losses. Our team at Broadwing Legal, which specializes in car accidents. Here is a list of things that we do for all of our clients, no matter the accident’s severity.

  • Our team visits the accident site to understand the scope of the incident thoroughly.
  • We leave no stone unturned when it comes to evidence. We talk to the witnesses and will try to get videos from stores, gas stations, and ATMs to build a better case for our clients.
  • There are no wrong questions when dealing with our team. Any question or concern you have will be answered or dealt with by our talented and understanding team.
  • Our team can act as a buffer to unwanted calls or contact by an insurance company. Your focus should be on recovering what you lost, not dealing with insurance companies. 

Several delicate and complicated decisions are made after a car accident occurs. Take the time to call a lawyer and to see if what they offer is right for you.

Get Back on the Right Track with Broadwing Legal

The life-altering experience of a car accident is not to be taken lightly. At Broadwing Legal, we want to go to work for you to make sure you get everything you deserve. Starting at the consultation stage, you’ll gain access to our team’s education and resources, allowing you to face your case head-on with confidence. Call for  a free consultation today to get started with our team. 

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