How Much Does It Cost to Have a Lawyer Represent You in a Car Accident Case?

The average car accident attorney works on a contingency fee, meaning their pay depends on winning your case. Until the case is settled, attorneys might even pay fees like medical records fees, document filing fees, expert witness testimony fees, and more. That means until the case is won, the attorney is covering the costs—with approval from the client, of course. You must be informed and involved in deciding about any fees or additional expenses, because once the case is settled, those costs will be paid out of the settlement. Broadwing Legal is sharing insight into the average percentages of these fees so you can make an informed decision and hire the best car accident lawyers for you.

How Much Do Lawyers Charge for Car Accident Representation?

Broadwing Legal charges a 33% fee for representation, meaning at the end we are paid 33% of the total settlement amount. Some attorneys have a sliding pricing scale based on how quickly they get the case resolved, additional fees that add up while pursuing the case, and other factors. What’s important to remember is that the amount the attorney gets paid depends on whether or not they win for you. As you negotiate with your attorney, make sure you understand what happens if they are not able to win the case. Will you still be responsible for any fees or expenses? You deserve to know up front, and have the power to say whether or not expenses are incurred, especially if you will ultimately have to pay them.

How Are Auto Accident Settlements Calculated?

The calculation of an auto accident settlement is ultimately a negotiation between two or more parties, including you as the injured person, your lawyer, and insurance companies. Throughout this process, your attorney should be working with you to understand the bare minimum settlement required. This means knowing the different expenses that must be covered, and updating expectations to cover new costs that emerge. That doesn’t just mean added medical bills or lost wages, but also fees for legal proceedings, depositions, accident reconstruction, and more.  Broadwing Legal is always committed to fighting for our clients to get their expenses covered and have a foundation to move forward. We will negotiate and even go to court to win the compensation your case deserves.  

Broadwing Legal: Your Source for Car Accident Legal Advice in Indiana

Broadwing Legal is committed to going the extra mile in your case from day one. Whether pursuing the justice you deserve takes weeks, months, or years, we remain relentless the entire way to help you reclaim your future. We might not be able to get back everything lost in the accident but we can help you move forward.

Contact a winning Indiana car accident attorney who cares about your unique story and needs. It’s our mission and passion to help you be protected under the law, not forgotten by it. Contact us today for a free consultation with an experienced Indiana car accident attorney.

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