Is It Worth Hiring a Semi Truck Accident Lawyer?

Picture this: It’s a crisp spring Friday evening. Low 40s, wispy clouds and still sunny…all the makings of a classic midwest sunset. A trucker has been on the road and is swerving in and out of their lane. Suddenly they collide with your car. You hear the screech of metal and lose control of your vehicle. In an instant, you are in the median, airbags deployed, windows shattered, and lip bleeding. While you were driving, the 18-wheeler next to you was over hours, tired, and speeding trying to get home to their family and you just became the latest victim of a semi truck accident. 

Perhaps this story doesn’t describe every truck accident, but the fact of the matter is they can occur just about anywhere at any time. In fact, on average there are over 500,000 accidents involving a semi per year in the U.S. These accidents can leave you suffering in a lot of ways, from lost wages to injuries and ongoing medical expenses and more. 

So, what should you do after your accident? Reach out to a truck accident attorney. Is it actually worth getting an accident lawyer? Absolutely. The following article explains why.

Do You Need A Truck Accident Lawyer?

You should always at least talk to a lawyer. While you may not technically need a truck accident lawyer, it’s usually in your best interest to hire one after your accident. There are several reasons why you should consider reaching out to an attorney. For starters, a good truck accident attorney (like us at Broadwing Legal) will be experienced in all the ins and outs of the legal proceedings required. Let’s take a look at the process and see how they can help.

Free Consultation

During a free consultation, the attorney will listen to the details of your case. From there, they will let you know whether you have legal grounds to proceed, if they are the right fit for your case, or if you might not have a case at all. What’s more, during this consultation, you can ask questions and get to know the attorney a little better, helping you make a more educated decision about hiring them. In fact, with Broadwing Legal, you can call 24/7 and a representative will be there to talk with you. They will get your story, details, and information, and within 24 hours an attorney will reach back to do a much deeper consultation. This consultation should help you answer the question of “Is it worth it to sue after my truck accident?” If the answer is yes, it’s onto the next steps. 

Investigating the Accident  

Once you decide to move forward with a lawyer, they will begin  investigating the accident. This consists of collecting evidence, gathering eye-witness accounts, and getting access to medical records, surveillance video, truck history, accident and police reports, and more. 

Calculating Your Losses

Next, a good truck accident attorney will help you calculate your losses. This includes things like vehicle repair or replacement costs, lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, and more. Your attorney will make an itemized claim and back up every line with proof to make sure you receive the money that you deserve 

Submitting a Settlement Offer

Once you have an idea of the dollar amount, your lawyer will submit a settlement offer to the appropriate insurance company requesting compensation. From there, the insurance company will most likely deny liability or submit a counter offer.

Filing a Lawsuit

If the insurance company doesn’t negotiate to the point an injured party is satisfied, it’s time to file a lawsuit. In doing so, your attorney will engage the defendant and  get the claim process underway. 

Negotiating a Settlement

Once the lawsuit is filed, your representation and the defendant’s will try and settle out of court. This consists of back and forth, working tirelessly to get an acceptable compensation package that ensures all of your bills and fees are covered and you walk away with money in your pocket. If you come to an agreement, once you sign the paperwork, the case will be closed and you might get your compensation within a few days. If you can’t reach a settlement, it’s time for trial.

Going to Trial

If you can’t strike a deal with the defendant, then your case will be heard in court. Your lawyer will make the most convincing case on your behalf, presenting every bit of evidence as support. 

How Long Does it Take to Settle a Semi-Truck Accident? 

We know this isn’t quite a “step” in the process, but rather an aside on the process as a whole. Since every case is unique, there is no one answer. Some cases go to trial, some don’t. But, it’s worth noting that cases can take anywhere from weeks to years to settle. 

Now, if that process seems overwhelming, imagine trying to do it all on your own. No matter how well equipped you may feel to represent yourself, the truth is you are in far better hands if you choose to hire a truck accident attorney. Let them handle the legal side while you focus on recovering and recuperating your losses. Now, all that’s left to do is find the right attorney for you. 

How Do I Find a Good Truck Accident Lawyer?

If you are looking for a good truck accident lawyer in Indianapolis, or the greater Indiana area, look no further than Broadwing Legal Group. Our team of experienced and passionate lawyers will be with you every step of the way, from consultation to resolution. We will be your partner and number one advocate to ensure you get the justice you are entitled to. Truck accidents can alter your life, take back control with us! Reach out today to schedule your consultation.  

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