When Should I Hire a Car Accident Lawyer?

If you’re considering hiring a car accident attorney, you might also be talking yourself out of the decision. You might be wondering: “Should I get a lawyer for a minor car accident?” “Should I get a lawyer for a car accident that wasn’t my fault?” And finally, “Who is the best car accident lawyer near me?”

If the car accident was minor, but you still have lingering pain and injuries, you do deserve representation. This is especially true if you were not at fault in the accident in any way. As for choosing the best car accident lawyer, this list of specific reasons to hire one will prepare you to ask good questions and find a lawyer whose personality, processes, and pricing are in alignment with your needs. Let’s talk about when it’s a good investment to hire a car accident lawyer.

Reasons to Get a Lawyer After a Car Accident

  1.       Medical Bills After a Car Accident Are Growing

Medical bills after a car accident often start with a visit to the emergency room to check out any bruising, pain, swelling. If the drivers and passengers are lucky, the costs end there. Even a common car accident injury like a bad cut or broken bone can lead to long-term costs like physical therapy or surgery. If the costs are adding up beyond the limits of your budget and your own insurance policy, this is usually one of the first signs to hire a car accident injury lawyer.

  1.       You Have Lost Work, Wages, and/or Quality of Life

With or without high medical bills, a car accident can lead to other economic, emotional, and social damages. Taking time off work to cope with an injury and recovery often means a smaller paycheck or no paycheck at all. These stresses in turn put more strain on your relationships and mental wellness, at a time where physical injuries are also a concern. If this story sounds all-too-familiar, you should call for a free consultation with a car accident attorney to share the specifics of your case. One of the strengths of an attorney is listening to your story and understanding how the law can support you.

  1.       The Insurance Company is Pressuring You to Settle

Especially in cases of catastrophic injury where future costs and medical needs are unclear, it’s essential not to accept a car accident settlement too soon.

According to the Insurance Information Institute, the average auto insurance payout for a personal bodily injury was $20,235. This amount includes the insurance company’s own expenses, such as costs for an attorney to represent them in any lawsuit.

The insurance company’s goal is to convince you to accept the smallest settlement possible.  A car accident attorney will know how to negotiate a settlement with an insurance claims adjuster. They will also know the next steps to fight for justice if the settlement being offered is not adequate to your needs, harms, and losses.

  1.       There is More to the Story of the Accident

Lastly, you should hire a car accident attorney when you know there is more to the story of the accident. Indiana is a modified comparative fault state, which means the responsibility of each person in the accident is judged by a jury at a trial. Whichever driver is considered to be 51% or more at fault cannot recover damages from the other drivers in the accident. But sometimes, additional evidence like eyewitness testimony or surveillance footage from the scene can reveal new details. Every case is different, and the story of who is at fault should be examined with all the evidence available.

If you’re still not sure whether you should hire a lawyer after a car accident, the good news is that talking to Broadwing Legal about your case is a free consultation. This conversation will give you peace of mind through a chance to ask questions and explain what happened to you from your perspective. We then apply a deep understanding of the law and our experience over the decades to consider your story from all angles of a potential case.

Ready to stop wondering whether you need an attorney and move on to the next chapter of healing? Schedule a free consultation with Broadwing Legal to get our opinion about whether a car accident attorney is the right choice for you.  

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